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STNR – STRA8 – Delta 8 Gummies (5pc)

5pc per pack Ready for a flavor explosion?  These STRA8 Delta-8 THC Edibles are some really sweet-tasting gummies with an extra little surprise in them to have you feeling really good!STRA8 Delta-8 Gummies come in four awesome flavor profiles. Strawberry STRA8 Delta-8 GummiesTropical Blizz STRA8 Delta-8 GummiesBlue Raspberry STRA8 Delta-8 GummiesWatermelon STRA8 Delta-8 GummiesFour pretty mouth-watering flavors.INFUSED with 30mg of pure hemp-derived delta-8 THC distillate.  Take a whole, a half, or take two if you’re daring! These little cubes of flavor-packed joy will take you to the next level with a 30mg dose of delta-8 THC?! Now your wellness routine will contain a welcome treat in the form of the STRA8 Strawberry Delta-8 gummies. Legality concernsWe understand that because it has THC associated with it, you may be concerned about the legality. The delta-8 THC used in the STRA8 Delta-8 cartridge is a hemp-derived product, which was legalized in the 2018 Farm Bill. The Farm Bill states isomers, cannabinoids, and derivatives are legal as long as the final product does not contain more than 0.3% delta 9 THC.STRA8 uses a process known as isomerization where they use hemp-derived CBD isolate and convert it into delta-8 THC. The delta-8 THC used in the STRA8 Delta-8 Gummies is a hemp-derived product. A trusted manufacturerYou know STRA8 is a company you can trust. We only source products that are from reputable brands. We always seek to make sure they have 3rd party verified lab tests to make sure we are getting clean and pure delta-8 THC products from a reputable source. These bottles feature a simple screw-top lid so no worries trying to pry it open or defeat the childproof shenanigans.  Sealed for freshness, once you open your bottle of the STRA8  Delta-8 gummies you will notice the sweet smell of freshly picked strawberries. The mixed fruit aroma of the tropical bliss can also hit your nostrils, and as soon as your taste buds get the first taste of the gummy. You will need to pace yourselves as these gummies are potent, and with any edible delta-8 THC product, you should always remember less is more.  Edibles take longer to activate in your system and sometimes our patience runs thin. So you got to remember these gummies are 20mg a piece so when they get fully absorbed and processed in our bodies they will work very well.SRA8 Delta 8 Gummies come in a 900mg total of Delta-8 THC.  Each cube-shaped gummy comes with a concentrated dose of 30mg each.  There are 30 gummies in each bottle infused with delta-8 THC.Strength:900mg Delta-8 THC (30mg per Gummy)
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STNR – STRA8 – Delta 8 Candy Clusters (5pc)

Sweet gummy centers surrounded by delicious little rainbow candies. These gummies are sure to pack a punch, don’t underestimate these sweet & tangy clusters! 100mg THC in Each Gummy!
  • 75mg Delta-8 / 25mg Delta-9
Lab Result *Not Vegan Friendly