Showing 1–12 of 140 results

Showing 1–12 of 140 results


Bewolk – The Dude Juice (100ml)

Delicious pink bubblegum with hints of tutti frutti and a Strawberry syrup center. VG/PG 70/30 Nicotine: 3MG

Befokte – Gaar Grape Soda (100ml)

A grape, so grape it will make your taste buds GAAR ekse. Met Ys Ja! VG/PG 70/30 Nicotine: 2.5MG/5MG

Cloud Worx – Game Over (100ml)

Game Over A delicious butterscotch crème brûlée, a dessert lover's dream! VG/PG 70/30 Nicotine: 2MG

Bewolk – Inhouse – The Shake (100ml)

A Classic Blue Bubblegum Milkshake. Thick, Creamy, and Cool. VG/PG 70/30 Nicotine: 3/6MG

TKO – Me Time

A perfectly baked cinnamon roll coated with a vanilla glaze guaranteed to be an all-day vape that you will enjoy. VG/PG 70/30 Nicotine: 3MG
Sold out0mg3mg

Juicehead – Watermelon Lime Freeze (100ml)

What makes Watermelon Lime eJuice by Juice Head Freeze is the quality and divine refreshment from the sweet juicy watermelons and the sour limes mixed with cool menthol. This Juice Head eJuice flavor will have you in a maze tangled in rich watermelon vines as you embrace the fresh cool breeze from the mouth-watering limes. You'll wander through the excitement of juicy and sweet, but the adventure doesn't stop there. Just down the summer field is a creamy tart fountain flowing of lush flavor that mixes perfectly with the fresh watermelons and plump fresh limes. The exotic flavors swirled together in this divine combination has been a long-awaited burst of flavor that you've been craving all year long. This pair of watermelon and limes is a perfect combination of sweet and sour, and this flavor by Juice Head lets you taste the reason why. Don't keep your taste buds waiting any longer. They are just waiting to jump on the clouds filled with refinement and refreshment from the watermelon and lime tart combination. VG/PG 70/30 Nicotine: 0MG/3MG
Sold out3mg6mg

Juiceman – Zonk – Cotton Candy (100ml)

Zonk - Cotton Candy Remember the excitement you used to have when the county fair was in town? The rides, the games, and especially the food were something you'd dream about all year round. Now you can enjoy one of the most famous fair flavors with a twist in this creative vape juice blend. Cotton Candy by Zonk E-Liquid brings together fluffy, sweet cotton candy with classic bubble gum. VG/PG 70/30 Nicotine: 3MG

Juicehead – Blueberry Lemon Freeze (100ml)

Juice Head FREEZE Blueberry Lemon e-juice – An intoxicating blend of sweet blueberries and tart lemons with a cool menthol finish. Inhale for sun-ripened blueberries, and then exhale for a cool lemon and menthol finish. The lush aroma of this berry citrus fusion swirls creamy tart hits with tang into a quality refreshment sure to make the freshest of clouds. VG/PG 70/30 Nicotine: 0MG/3MG

Bewolk – The Dude Juice – Milk Bottles (100ml)

Creamy Marshmallow Treat bursting with a rainbow of flavor. VG/PG 70/30 Nicotine: 0/3/6MG

Emissary Elixirs – Tempestus 6MG (120ml)

A simple yet refreshing glass of tropical fruit punch with notes of tart grapefruit, litchi, vibrant pineapple and other fruits with a kick of ice. VG/PG 70/30 Nicotine: 3MG